The Coffee Run LIVE Ep 285 – the thing about what other people think about you…

The coffee run live – Ep285 – Nobody is even likely to be thinking about you!!

The Jicola show is ready to roll!

Confidence + Purpose + Action = massive results

Join wake up and shake up your shit right now. We start next week.

As mentioned on the call:

Join wake up and shake up your shit right now. We start next week.

The biggest thing that you will get out of this program is the confidence to chase down your dreams and make them happen. You’ll have a ton of fun. It will be challenging, naturally! Cuase with challenge we create growth (not just the 5am calls!! Which is a very respectable 11am LA time!).

We’re going to get SUPER CRYSTAL clear on your purpose. We’re going to fill you up with confidence. And then you’re going to gettum!

Love you! I can’t wait to start working together.

You’re awesome.

And the world is fucking ready for YOU. /


Wake up and shake up your shit is a 21 day deep dive immersion into YOU. Your purpose. Your why. Your confidence creating Your action plan. Your motivations. All of it. So that you can do what you’re here to do… so that you get to leave the legacy that you know you want to leave. That you were born to leave. So that you can work the magic that is inside of you EVERY SINGLE FREAKING day. This has a flow on to your body, your health, your family and your friends – not to mention, obviously, the people that you work with either in your career or your business.

I’m reknowned for being the gracious asskicker! I’ll help you get out of your own way and then support you to bring it to life.

What more could you possibly need right now?

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