Take A Look Outside, Its Awesome

– This Video –
All I used for this was my iPhone, Mac Mini and my 1tb LaCie Drive. Nothing to fancy at all. I set my self the goal of making my first video with as little as I possibly could to show that its possible to make something people can enjoy with out all the fancy film gear. oh and because thats all I had.

I took my iPhone and wandered around taking a short video every time I saw something beautiful, this left me with more videos then I knew what to do with. I have a folder on my hard drive labelled “Visual Stuff” and its contains 976 videos all just a few seconds long, some are better than others as there are very few clear sunny days in Ireland but I guess my point is even on a horrible rainy day there is still so much to see.

– About Me –
Well… for as long as I can remember I have been `fascinated with the world, things like animals, mountains, the ocean have always been something I loved to look at. When I was about 13 I got my first camera and realised that I could capture the amazing things that I see and share it with my friends and family.

I then started looking into filmmaking and documentaries, I realised that although I love taking pictures maybe people would be more inclined to look at what I was trying to show them if I gave my images “LIFE”. If we are going to spend our time looking at the multitude of screens that consume our lives everyday, then I need to bring my message to those screens in the most interesting way possible, that is “FILM”.

– Music –
#369 Pop – Folk – Indie-Rock Royalty Free Music and African Burundi Drums

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