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surfing Porto

April 12, 2021 blogsettler 0

We went for 2 weeks of surfing in Esmoriz, Portugal. Unfortunately I got ill the second week and couldn’t surf, but here’s some footage from the first week where I’m trying to remember how to […]

People Are Awesome

Department of Skateboarding

April 11, 2021 blogsettler 0

Department of Skateboarding Music: The Season by Matt Costa AFTER 8.5 YEARS 64 BROKEN BONES 28,000 SIGN UPS 30 VIDEO PREMIERES 14 CONTESTS 30 DEMOS 1 ERIC KOSTON SWARMING 1 RAZOR SCOOTER INFOMERCIAL 40,000 […]

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Couples’ Game Night

April 10, 2021 blogsettler 0

we were playing “celebrity”. an awesome group game for 30 people. this was round 3, where you put a [100] names back in the bag and can only act out the celebrity. the goal is […]

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Connect 3on3 Houston Hot Shot Winner

April 6, 2021 blogsettler 0

On a beautiful November day, the wind blew just right and in 19.8 seconds Brian Jackson made history. He won $10,000 at the Connect 3on3 Houston Basketball tournament. In a 24 second progressive shot competition […]

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Cola Cao

April 5, 2021 blogsettler 0

Cola Cao is a special drink for young and energetic people who loves to move with everything new. And Fake loves all the new things! Working with real image for later drawing and drawing, give […]

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Tiger Woods' crash cause determined – CHCH News

April 3, 2021 blogsettler 0

Tiger Woods’ crash cause determined – CHCH News Tiger Woods’ crash cause determined  CHCH News Detectives find cause of Tiger Woods crash, but won’t reveal Sheriff said they have determined cause of Tiger Woods’ crash, but […]