People Are Awesome


January 13, 2021 blogsettler 0

Before opening teaser. Together with Puma we launched ”The Puma Creative Factory” at their HQ in Copenhagen and it was awesome. Thanks to all people and sponsors involved. Cam: Christopher Hornstrup Thuesen, Knap&Nap Edit: […]

People Are Awesome

Golf mk2 16v //RPVidz

December 22, 2020 blogsettler 0

This is a little tease of my VW. For more info visit There you will find more awesome rides and a lot of nice people. Filmed & Edited by Rasmus Persson Likes: 89 Viewed: […]

People Are Awesome

The Morgans

December 9, 2020 blogsettler 0

Jaciee & Danny are two of the most raddest people ever. I had such a good time hangin with them and all their awesome friends. You guys are great. For reals. Likes: 1 Viewed: source

People Are Awesome

BugRauk 2 – 2018

November 18, 2020 blogsettler 0

Small VW gathering/ car meet amongst friends. Good weather, nice cars and awesome people. Took place 13-15 July 2018 in Stånga, Gotland, Sweden. Likes: 0 Viewed: source

People Are Awesome

CosAwesome PSA – We support all people

August 31, 2020 blogsettler 0

CosAwesome is an Indiana based cosplay group and wanted to make it clear that they would NOT be using Indiana’s new RFRA law. “We believe it threatens constitutional rights and opens the door to discrimination. […]