People Are Awesome

Bermuda Profile #1 Jonas Klemmensen

February 20, 2021 blogsettler 0

In the coming months Bermuda will introduce a variety of different and awesome people we’ve had the chance to help and work with. To start it all of we introduce this little profile of Jonas […]

People Are Awesome

Hello Planet!

January 19, 2021 blogsettler 0

This game was created for “Videogames Extreme Workshop VGChile 2013” using Adobe AIR + Starling Framework, in a lapse of 20 hours. Game Design, Art & Code by Felipe Alfonso ( and Jeff Ibacache. Special […]

People Are Awesome

Family Game Night 2011

December 19, 2020 blogsettler 0

Over 160 people and 40 families attended Family Game Night during the summer of 2011. Families shared fun games and intimate Bible Study time together. That’s what made it so awesome…families, being families together. Likes: […]