Le Le – Styrofoam People


When I am asked to art direct an awesome idea for a video that has something to do with making robots you can expect a full YES from me!
This idea from Ewoudt Boonstra, was a very cool start of to make a video inspired by things like Kraftwerk, Piet Parra (who is a part of LeLe), and other vintage weird art robot stuff! 🙂
With a team I put together, we managed to create real robots!
With no further ado, hereby I show you: STYROFOAM PEOPLE

Director: Ewoudt Boonstra
Music: Le Le
Production: Halal
Label: Magnetron Music
Special thanks to: Mike Pelletier & Barnaby Monk (Random Studio), for the technical stuff that made to robots move, Rolf de Booij, for the model making, and Sterre Stek, Nadine Klingen, Bibi Trompetter, Arianne Hinz for their great help!

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