5 Minute Stress Busters – Feel Awesome Massage

For a PDF download including step-by-step tips for this and other stress busters, visit http://therootcause.com.au.

Belinda Smith (Health & Wellness Coach) shares a Quick Stress Busting Tip called “Count Your Blessings”.

Show me a desk and computer, and I will show you neck and shoulder tightness. Give me a child to carry all day and I will give you neck and shoulder tightness afterwards.

With all the day to day things life throws at us, we all carry neck and shoulder tightness.

And do you know what neck and shoulder tightness gives us if left untreated? Sometimes headaches, sometimes sore backs, and often cranky pants (or cranky people in them!)

This exercise releases tension in your neck and your shoulders. You will seriously feel like your neck is longer after doing this.

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